Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve


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Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve is one of 41 reserves across Scotland. These reserves help protect an amazing range of wildlife and landscape. Knockan Crag is 13 miles north of Ullapool on the A835, and is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Visit the Reserve to unlock the mysteries of one of the oldest landscapes in Europe. Scotland’s story of ancient oceans, vast deserts and ice sheets, crashing continents and epic journey from pole to pole is told through poetry, sculpture and interactive exhibitions.

Follow the trails to see the internationally-famous Moine Thrust, where much older and darker Moine schists have been pushed over the younger lighter Durness limestone, so the older rocks are on top of the younger ones. Visit the Rock Room to meet the two brilliant rock mappers, Benjamin Peach and John Horne and find out how they confirmed this theory.

Features & Facilities

  • Open at all times
  • Car parking
  • Trails
  • Toilets
  • Picnic area
  • Unmanned Visitor Centre
  • Sculptures
  • Viewpoints
  • Landscape and geological information

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